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Marketing ¦ Ardean

Businesses should identify, anticipate and satisfy customer requirements profitably through their marketing strategy! This entails researching their market, understanding their customers and competitors and presenting a product or service that is sought after, at a price that is profitable.

Business Planning ¦ Ardean

Just as you would plan your route for a journey, businesses should plan their route for their business development.

They need to carefully map out the what they require in terms of infrastructure and personnel to deliver their product or service to the marketplace.

Marketing Communications ¦ Ardean

Marketing Communication

Businesses need to inform the market, as to who they are and what they are offering; ensuring their marketing communication strategy suits the market.  

They need to encapsulate advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, PR, E marketing and Social Media marketing.

Small Business Funding ¦ Ardean

Public and private funding options should to be continually explored to assist each stage of business development.  

There are currently a wide range of funding options available to small businesses within Northern Ireland, offering both financial and advisory support.

Clients We Have Worked With

What Our Clients Say

“We presented a new product idea to Eilish at Ardean. Together we carefully mapped out the new product idea, researching the marketplace to ensure there was identified potential, engaging directly with potential customers. The product is now ready to bring to market.”

“Together with Eilish at Ardean, we researched the marketplace to investigate the potential of introducing a new mobile based advertising tool. The research permitted me to present the potential and therefore secure assistance to develop a prototype platform.”

Thomas Conway, Time 2 Communications
“I worked with Eilish at Ardean to develop a pricing strategy; together we developed a pricing model which carefully calculated each cost associated with the production of each product – ensuring the prices presented to the marketplace would be sustainable.”

Coleen Harte, Lucy Annabella
“Eilish, from Ardean, and I worked together to develop a business plan. I wanted to map out my vision for my business over a 2 year period. Once I had presented my vision, Eilish carefully worked through all the operational details, presenting all the necessary tools, equipment and personnel that would need to be in place to reach my end goal. This business plan was also used to secure necessary funding.”
Niall Curran, Umac Solutions
“Eilish from Ardean has worked with me to map out a business development plan. We had a product ready to bring to market, but needed someone to handhold us through the process of presenting the product to market, ensuring that all necessary support was held within the company to support the delivery of the product.”
Catherine Connolly, Kelinq
“Eilish from Ardean worked with me to help select the best fit website for our business. Together with Eilish we mapped out the customer journey online, to understand the purpose and therefore functionality of the site. A website specification was developed and distributed to a number of website developers. Eilish guided us to understand that there would be 4 main elements to the development of our site, the design, the functionality build, the content development and the SEO online promotion. Eilish also introduced us to other sources of support.”
“We have worked with Eilish at Ardean for several years. Eilish has always assisted us when we need to design and distribute promotional materials. We recently worked with Eilish to upgrade our website to a CMS.”
“The focus of our time working with Eilish was to understand how to utilise social media. Together with Eilish we set up a facebook page, designing a company specific cover photo and profile picture; we also started to link with other businesses on facebook and began encouraging our customers to “like us” on facebook.”
Martina Holmes, Oakgrove B&B
“We had already our website in place when we started working with Eilish of Ardean. We wanted to map out a plan of action to promote our online shop. Together with Eilish we began to explore our Page Titles, Meta Descriptions and Keywords for SEO; we implemented Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools; designed cover photos for facebook to tie in with online promotions; and integrated an email marketing system to direct mail customers.”
Jolene O Kane,

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