Many believe that marketing is selling. Marketing does include sales, but encompasses much more. Marketing Strategy focuses on the development and implementation of competitive strategies; with the responsibility to understand change in customer needs, ensuring the right products or services are delivered to market at the right time, satisfying customer requirements profitably.

Marketing Strategy Activities We Can Help You With

We can review your product and service offering; research target markets; identify potential customers and their needs; and define your offering to the marketplace, ensuring you set yourself apart from the competition – your differential advantage.

Marketing Plans
Businesses are guided through the marketing planning process, producing a practical plan to suit their specific needs.
Customer Analysis
All your customers will be analysed, to allow you fully understand who they are, why they buy, where they are located, etc.
Competitor Reviews
All businesses face competition.  These competitors will be reviewed, allowing you to decide how you will set yourself apart from them in the marketplace.
Market Segmentation
A product or service can be sold to a variety of customers, by segmenting your target market, we will be able to help you target your marketplace more effectively.
Market Research
Market research can be undertaken to identify the potential size of your market, gather views on new product developments, etc.
New Product Introduction
We assist companies plan the introduction of new products to the marketplace.  From initial R&D, through to pricing, and distribution and promotional strategies.
Price Establishment
As a Business you need to fully cost your product/service and establish a price that will provide profitability and is competitive in the market.  We can guide you through this process.
Route To Market
You can sell your product/service direct to market, via retail & wholesale, via agents or under licensing arrangements.  Together we can explore all options and choose the best fit.
Communicating with your target market is extremely important.  Together we will decide on the key messages to be delivered and the best fit mediums to deliver the messages.

Why Choose Ardean?

What Our Clients Say

I worked with Eilish at Ardean to develop a marketing strategy, with a specific focus on price; together we developed a pricing model which carefully calculated each cost associated with the production of each product – ensuring the prices presented to the marketplace would be sustainable
Coleen Harte, Lucy Annabella
Together with Eilish at Ardean, we researched the marketplace to investigate the potential of introducing a new mobile based advertising tool. The research permitted me to present a marketing strategy to introduce the new product, therefore securing assistance to develop a prototype platform.
Thomas Conway, Time 2 Communications
We presented a new product idea to Eilish at Ardean. Together we carefully mapped out our marketing strategy, detailing our new product idea, researching the marketplace to ensure there was identified potential, engaging directly with potential customers. The product is now ready to bring to market
Sean Clarke, Clarke Road Contracts

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